Healthcare Braces

F.I.R Braces

The F.I.R braces are made of special Far-Infrared Rays fibers or Bamboo Charcoal yarns, which can emit beneficial far-infrared rays, help improve blood circulation, relieve joint pains and accelerate recovery after injuries.

Self-heating Magnetic Braces

The self-heating braces contains a special inner layer fabric made of bamboo charcoal material laminated with self-heating capsicine dots, which have pyretic moxibustion function after contacting skin sweat and thus relieve joint pain and stiffness. A number of magnets are also intergrated into the product with patented welding technology which works well for health care.

Electrical Heating Braces

The electrical heating braces contains electrical heating units which are adaptable to USB charger. These braces provide warmth, support or/and pyretic moxibustion to neck or lower back area, improve blood circulation and provide neck/back pain relief.

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