Orthopedic Soft Goods

Upper Extremity

The upper extremity orthopedic braces includes braces for thumb, wrist, arm and shoulder. These braces provide support and stabilization to the upper extremity after soft tissue injuries or bone fractures. Depending on different types of injuries, the braces can partly or completely replace traditional cast, with the additional advantages of more lightweight, breathable, easy to take on & off, thus improve the general life of quality during recovery period.


The torso orthopedic braces includes Cervical Orthosis, Lumbar Sacro Orthosis (LSO) and Torso Lumbar Sacro Orthosis(TLSO). These orthosis provide firm stabilization and support to cervical, lumbar and torso spines, restrict excessive movement after surgery, and effectively prevent further injury during rehabilitation period.

Lower Extremity

The lower extremity orthopedic goods includes knee immobilizers, post-op knee braces, functional knee orthosis,ankle stabilizers, walkers and foot orthosis. By using special alloy and plastic components and comfortable inner materials, these braces provide firm support, protection stabilization and/or range of motion restriction to weak, unstable joints and ligaments, enable dynamic functional treatment which leads to faster recovery and improved quality of life.