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Our Mission: To create value for our workers, customers and the whole society
1.Serve our workers with fair and reasonable salary;
2.Supply our customers with quality products under reasonable prices;
3.Contribute to the society.

Our Vision: To become the world’s leading manufacturer and developer for sports medicine, orthopedic and healthcare braces.

Our Core Values:
- Responsibility
- Innovation


  • Responsible for our workers

    Coaching and encouraging the professional development of individual capabilities
    Providing room for career development
    Maximizing every individual's potential
    Stimulating workers' innovation and creativity
  • Responsible for our customers

    Continuously improving quality of our of products and service
    Anticipating and meeting customer needs
    Understanding customers' visions and strategies
    Building long-term mutual trust partnership
  • Responsible for the society

    Performing our responsibilities with honesty and integrity
    Practicing social compliance and ethical behavior
    Caring and protecting environment and energy
    Keeping long-term sustainable development
  • Innovation in product and technology

    Continuously understanding customers needs of product function
    Keeping innovation in product and technology
    Serving customers with better designed products
    Improving user experience and customer satisfaction
  • Innovation in management and procedures

    Learning and adopting global knowledge in excellent operational management
    Continuously implementing LEAN manufacturing
    Keeping innovation in management and procedures
    Reducing waste and improving effeciency